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The repeat offenders? My breakfasts the past few days.

May 31 001

Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Possibly my favorite cereal…um… ever?!

May 31 003

Topped with peanut butter, banana, granola, and almond milk (added after the picture


Arnold’s sandwich thins..

May 31 004

(Can you spot the face?)

Topped with peanut butter and banana on one side..

May 31 005

And Earth Balance and Crofter’s on the other.

This is PERFECT pre-workout fuel for me as it provides lots of energy and digests quickly.

May 31 006

WAFFLES! Waffles of epic proportion actually 🙂

May 31 007

1/2 topped with peanut butter,  melted banana (1/2 of a banana microwaved and smushed up, granola, and syrup. OH MY GOSH. So good.. sooo good.

May 31 008

And 1/2 topped with simply Earth Balance and maple syrup.

May 31 009

Again, Arnold’s sandwich thins.

May 31 011

Pretty much the same as pictured above.

May 31 010

Yet still delicious 🙂

Annd the epic waffles again…

May 31 014


I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day! I spent mine working :/ But that’s neither here nor there. Today, however, was great! I just got back from dinner with my man and mom and we are now chillaxing on the couch about to watch a movie… life is good!

In other news, I am finally (finally) moving Friday. As in this friday. As in 4 days from now. Packed? Not quite. [insert panic here]


And finally, some posts I’ve loved lately…

Leaving London – I followed Gabriela’s posts about her trip to London and well, it was just the next best thing as being there myself!

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The Lessons I LearnYet another beautiful lady that I kind of love. Her side note series has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY and this is one of the ones that touched me the most. A must read.

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