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Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and congratulations on my new place! I’m now loving it buuut I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard. Last night was ROUGH. I miss my parents and I miss my home but as my mom wisely put it, there is no point in looking back to the past. The present is the present and the future is my making. At 23, this is not where I thought I’d be, job wise. Yes, I am lucky beyond belief to have someone who loves me and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Buuuut I do wish I would have been more thankful in the past for my life at home. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone!

First, let’s recap the past few days..

Saturday we spent the morning moving the rest of my things out of my house, hence the hard times. But I did start the day off with a delicious breakfast on my new patio..

Kashi Sunshine mixed with a new Kashi cereal that I really can’t remember the name of, along with strawberries and skim milk. Like Jenny my love, I’ve been abstaining from cow’s milk and sticking to almond milk. While I DO love the flavor of almond milk, there is no reason why I can’t eat milk. I AM going to try to buy organic when I can but almond milk, unless it’s on sale, is going to be out of my current budget..

june 6 003

I think I found my new photography spot AND my favorite place to eat breakfast… Our patio has the perfect lighting and is shaded and cool in the morning. Plus to the new place!

And I had this AMAZING snack before work…

june 6 006

A bagel thin topped with peanut butter, Chia seeds, granola, and a drizzle of agave.

june 6 005

Talk about healthy fats! Not to mention, it was pretty darn delicious!

I also had a snack of peaches and strawberries Saturday night after work. It was my first peach of the season and it did NOT disappoint.

june 6 007

Breakfast Sunday was another bowl of cereal.

june 6 008

Kashi Golden Goodness, bananas, and blueberries.

june 6 009

And then I spent alllll day at work. Fun stuff.

And today? OIAJ!

june 6 010

TJ’s instant maple oats topped with banana, blueberries, and a bit more peanut butter.

june 6 011

I worked all morning and then did some BIG shopping for grocery and other necessities we needed. I love grocery shopping but shopping for cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc… not my cup of tea.

I DID have a delicious summery dinner (the first actual meal in my new place) while relaxing while my boy was at work..

june 6 012

Fresh corn..

june 6 016

Sautéed zuchinni..

june 6 014

And fresh shrimp!

june 6 013

I also enjoyed a small glass of wine on the patio.

june 6 017

A good day! We are doing a bit more moving tomorrow (including brining my KITTIES to our new place) and dinner with my mom. And then Wednesday I am having a pool day with two of my besties from work and going to dinner with a good friend. Hopefully all of these good things will keep me excited enough to not be a debbie downer.

Have a fabulous week!