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Yesterday my fiancé moved my two cats into our new apartment. Our kitties..

Normal Onyx…

May 4th 025

Normal Molly…

May 4th 024

Current Onyx…

June 8 006

Annnd current Molly..



We knew they were both going to have a hard time adjusting as they have lived in my house for almost 10 years and been to the vet only a handful of times. And Molly? Epitome of a scaredy cat. She is scared of her own shadow, strange people, moderate to loud noises, etc. and all of the above. We put her in a cat carrier to bring her to our new place and she cried the whole way. We got her here and she shook uncontrollably and “hid” by burrowing under the pillows, where she stayed all evening and most of the night. Her other hiding places when she got the courage to get off of the bed? Behind the washer and in a little hole under the cabinets. Needless to say, she is NOT adjusting well. Onyx was scared but eventually loosened up, explored the apartment, and settled in. Or so we thought… I woke up this morning at 3 AM to a loud MEOW right in my ear. A stupid cat, he is not. He woke us up and then proceeded to walk around the entire apartment crying (and not just a regular meow, a MEOW that sounded like a dying cow or something). And p.s., someone remind me not to have kids.. a 3am wake up call was NOT fun. Needless to say, not much sleep went on last night. It KILLS me to see my little fur babies this upset and I’m not sure what to do :/ If they don’t get better in the next few days, we will have to take them back to my parent’s. At this point, I’m slightly terrified Molly is going to have a heart attack. 


In other news, my eats…

June 8 001 

Kashi Heart to Heart cereal (yes, it’s under all the banana and nut butter).

June 8 003

This breakfast never gets old!

I never really had a “lunch,” other than some snacking on cashews..


And my mom cooked burgers (turkey burger for me) and fries for dinner.

And breakfast THIS morning was…

June 8 007

Quaker Oatmeal Squares, bananas, and bloobs.

June 8 008

After spending some time at the apartment complex pool with my work besties, I snacked on this yogurt mix..

June 8 010

Chobani lemon yogurt, Udi’s granola, and 2 small peaches.

June 8 011

I’m now planning on doing a bit of a workout, a little cleaning, and then dinner and drinks with my best friend!

Question of the Day: What would you like to see more of on The Process of Healing? More foodie pictures? Less? More workout info? And questions that you have? Ask away!