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Based on the comments on my last post, about what you guys would like to see more of, you guys really want to know about my fiancé, wedding planning, and *gasp* a vlog! I’ll be happy to share more about the first two and the vlog? Hopefully I’ll get some guts to do that as well!

Before we get to the posts I’ve been loving this week, I’ll share with you my breakfasts from the past few days.. as breakfast is the only thing I’ve seemed to document!

June 10 002

The waffles are back! Yesterday I had two whole wheat waffles, one topped with TJ’s peanut butter, a mashed banana, chi seeds, and syrup! OH so good!

June 10 001

And the other topped with a bit of earth balance and syrup.

Unpictured: A GM (FINALLY) made with Jay Robb’s vanilla whey, almond milk, banana, strawberries, chia seeds, and baby spinach. Dinner at work? Pizza. No explanation needed 🙂

I woke up today and did some ab work, followed by a yogurt bowl…

June 10 008

Raspberry Chobani, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, strawberries, a peach, and blueberries.

I’d also like to thank you on the well wishes and the advice about my kitties’ adjusting to the new place! Onyx is good to go. Molly is.. well she was doing good until my fiance’s best friend moved in yesterday (we can’t yet afford a place on our own) and the maintence guys came to work on the gutters, making a BUTTLOAD of noise on the roof. This is her new hiding place..

June 10 005

On top of the kitchen cabinets. Cats…


And now for some posts I’ve been loving this week!

Faith, Fitness, FunHard to Write – A post from the lovely Tina about following your dreams… an inspirational post you canNOT miss!

The FitnessistaTwo becomes three – If you’ve been around the blog world, I’m sure you haven’t missed this… The Fitnessista is expecting a little one! As I have baby fever BAD, I’m excited to follow her journey!

Trying to HealSan Diego Marathon Recap – My girl Melissa successfully completed and ROCKED her marathon! And if you aren’t already reading her blog, well, you need to fix that.

How Sweet it IsBrown Sugar Blueberry Cookies – As I’m kind of obssed with blueberry muffins and cookies on their own, I’m SLIGHTLY obsessed with this recipe!

Eat, Live, Runfive things of utmost importance – As usual, this post by Jenna made me CRACK UP.. and happy birthday to Jenna, the first blog I fell in love with!!

What was the first blog YOU fell in love with? Any posts you’ve been loving lately? Please share!