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First up, WIAW!

For breakfast, I made these incredibly delicious pancakes using Trader Joe’s Multigrain Mix that I mixed with 1 tbsp or so of cake mix, an egg white, water, and milk.

June 15 010

And what did I add to one pancake that made them so incredible!

June 15 012
Peaches! They became caramelized and ooey gooey! I wish I’d put peaches in BOTH pancakes!

June 15 009

After breakfast, I really wanted to workout but my transfer from my old YMCA to the new one near my apartment hasn’t gone through yet, SO I braved a workout at the apartment gym. Braved because the gym is TINY and is right off of the office and has a window between the office and the gym. Meaning, anyone in the office can stand in the window and watch you workout <- Gives me the heebie jeebies. BUT I neeeeded a workout, not for the physical aspect but for the stress relief aspect (reference yesterday’s post) and so I braved it for a 20 minute elliptical workout. And you know, it wasn’t so bad! The equipment (2 ellipticals, 2 treadmills, and one bike) were all brand spankin new and it was so NICE. I listened to my ipod and zoned out and when I walked out of there, I felt the stress from the last couple of weeks lifting from my shoulders. It felt so GOOD!

“Lunch” later on was a handful of (unpictured) cashews and a banana..

June 15 014
And a Voskos Fig yogurt topped with granola.

June 15 013

Dinner was a reheated turkey burger, with lots of ketchup and mustard..

 June 15 018

Sweet potato fries! I’ve been craving them lately and nothing ever tastes as good as a craving satisfied!

June 15 017

Cooked with salt and flax meal and topped with drizzled Agave Nectar and salt. SO good!

June 15 015

Annd some fresh, leftover corn.

For dessert I had a square of dark chocolate and I expect something else will be consumed shortly 🙂 Something of probably this variety, that I’ve been enjoying nightly…

June 15 001


The Story, Part II

(You can find part I here)

So off we went to the Halloween party. It wasn’t a date, per say, as one of my now best friends from work joined us (we didn’t want to feel alone). The party was fun and bonding with the boy definitely took place, especially on the car ride home. Nothing was said exactly about it being a “date” but a date it was. I was excited and he was so nice that I couldn’t wait to get to know him more but honestly? It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, which was a GOOD thing for me. Prior to that, I had been jumping into relationship after relationship based on physical attractiveness and things that not a good relationship make. And as I had said, I had been HURT badly so I was wary of anyone of the male variety at this point. But anyways, the texting and nightly phone calls began and I learned more about this boy. He was kind, sweet, had been through a lot of the same things as I, wanted the same things out of life that I did, was looking for a “good” girl, etc. I explained that I was trying to take things slow this time around and unlike what I was used to, he accepted it and agreed that it was the best idea. And more than anything, I was blown away by him. He was, for lack of a better word, a true gentlemen. He brought me flowers, was thoughtful, opened doors, called when he said he would (a big thing for me), was patient, SWEET, took me out, etc. We went on many car rides together to the mountains and other places, just getting to know each other, and honestly? I’d never been so happy.

BUT I kept waiting on something to happen, something to tell me that he wasn’t a good guy, and waiting on him to leave, as I had been used to. But he didn’t leave. He was patient, but persistent. He said he’d never ever felt the way he did about me before. He said I was exactly what he was looking for in a girl, and more. He said he’d do whatever it took to be with me. But it scared me. A LOT. And so I did what any logical girl would do, I ran. I kept thinking that he wasn’t real, that it was TOO good to be true, that he wouldn’t stay, that I would only get my heart broken yet again, and I couldn’t put myself in that position, yet again. I just KNEW I was going to get hurt. Not to mention, I was so stuck in the past, so stuck on an ex that I just knew was the one. But he was persistent and he wouldn’t let me go and so I came to a crossroad… I could take my chances and put my heart on the line for this amazing, kind, loving man or I could throw it away and run, go back to living in the past. And at that point, when I knew that I was going to lose him if I didn’t take the chance, I realized how VERY much I cared about him, how my love for him had grown slowly, unnoticeably over time, and the choice was clear. I choose him.

Part II, including the engagement, to come!