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I know I promised you guys Part III of The Story but I’ve contracted some sort of  bad bug (hence my blogging absence the past few days) combined with being overworked and well, a short post is all I can muster at the moment. In any case, here are some posts I’ve been loving lately and, well, last week.


Posts I’ve Been Loving

Lower Body Beach Blast (Faith Fitness Fun) – This is a killer workout! I haven’t done this EXACT workout but I’ve performed many of the moves in the past.. and they WORK!

Accept Yourself For Who You Are (running with spoons) – A fun post, and who doesn’t love learning more about fellow bloggers, but with a deep underlying message.. just love yourself 🙂

In Limbo (Une Vie Saine) – I think we can all relate to this post as most of us have felt this way at one time or another, at least I know I have. And Gabriela puts it so eloquently!

Scheduleless (Yes, I want cake) – Looking for some adorable baby pictures? Well, you’ve come to the right place!