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I apologize for going all MIA on the blog world for the last week or so. As I mentioned on my last post, I’ve been sick. The nasty bug turned out to be a nasty virus, which even settled in my eyes, causing my eyes to become blood red, painful, and not so attractive. But now, thanks to some antibiotics and medicated eye drops, I’m feeling almost like myself again. Almost. And I’ve learned that cold medicine knocks me out completely (even the “daytime” medicine) and cough medicine makes me feel like I’m drunk. Let’s just say, it’s been interesting… but that’s a story for another day. Anywho, before we get back to normal postage, I’ll share what I’ve been enjoying lately 🙂

June 27 001

A cereal mix of Kashi Heart to Heart, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, banana, chia seeds, and low fat milk.

June 27 004

A delicious smoothie with Jay Robb’s vanilla whey protein powder, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, and milk.

June 27 005
It didn’t blend well but it was soooo good!

June 27 006

Something I’ve been hoarding for a while..

And waffles, of course.

June 27 007

A yogurt bowl with Greek yogurt, peaches, Kashi Heart to Heart, and granola.

June 27 009

A waffle sandwich before a pool day with my girls..

June 27 010

A pb and J! Only in waffle form.. which makes it THAT much better!

June 27 011

A seriously needed energy boost before work..

June 27 014

And something that looks/sounds weird but was AMAZING!

June 27 016

TJ’s instant blueberry oats mixed with Greek yogurt and topped with granola. Kind of like instant overnight oats!


June 27 017

I really don’t remember what was in it other than oats..

June 27 018

A delicious giant pancake made with cake mix, TJ’s mutligrain pancake/waffle mix, and sprinkles.

June 27 023

More waffles! This time blueberry.

June 27 024

And then the first real dinner I’ve cooked for my man.

Pot roast with mushrooms and onions over homemade mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

June 27 026

I apologize to the vegetarians out there but it was GOOD! Not to toot my own horn but it more than pleased my meat and potatoes man 🙂

June 27 028

And then sickness came.. and I mostly resided on this..

June 27 031 

Publix whole wheat toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam. Honestly, not much else was appealing while I was the most sick. That and Spongebob Fruit Snacks. Don’t ask..

I also managed some waffles at some point..

June 27 033

More toast…

June 27 035

And a kick… butt…smoothie made with plain greek yogurt, peanut butter, a frozen banana, Jay Robb’s vanilla protein powder, and milk.

June 27 037

It was SO creamy and tangy yet sweet. Delicious! I had a very similar one today that turned out like banana soft serve <- INCREDIBLE.

Breakfast today…

June 27 038

A yogurt mess with a Raspberry Chobani, banana, and Udi’s Gluten Free vanilla granola.

And since I was on my own for diner tonight while my boy was at work, I picked up some sushi from my local Publix while grocery shopping. YES, they have FRESH MADE sushi not 2 miles from my apartment! Heck. Yes.

June 27 040

There were TONS of options including a roll with mango on it but I went with the spicy trio… I think it had spicy crab, shrimp, and salmon.

June 27 042 

SO good!


Have a great night loves! Regular postage shall resume tomorrow 🙂

“Life is a constant journey and we may not always know where it is we are going

or indeed where it is we truly want to go…

But, be present and listen to the heart; follow true dreams and be ready for anything.

Sometimes even when we feel we are going the wrong way

we end up in places we never dreamed or believed possible!!

Because, when we hold onto our true self;

we will never truly lose our way.”