Can I go back, please?!

Beach 2011 008 

We arrived late Sunday night (I’m talking 2:30 AM) and crashed hard. And then we had two whole glorious days of SUN

Beach 2011 013

The boyfriend in his usual spot on the beach. He got a nasty sunburn the first day, even though he used a HIGH sun screen, and thus spent the next day covered up.

Beach 2011 014

And no, I didn’t take a picture of some strange people.. this is my mom and my aunt.

Beach 2011 015

Beach 2011 016

The view from our room..


The boy and I went out to eat to a GIANT seafood buffet Monday night and then spent the rest of the night playing put put, per his request.


The course was REALLY fun (and i’m not a HUGE fan of put put) and it was definitely a great way to spend the night together.


We spent the rest of the night at the deck hotel bar. A good, good day.


The put put course the next day, from the road..

Beach 2011 017

Please excuse the (uneven) sunburns…heh.

Beach 2011 012

Sadly, the camera got a bit wonky on the beach due to the HIGH humidity and this is the only somewhat tangible photo of me and the boy left 😦

Beach 2011 009

No, I wasn’t the best food blogger and this is the only picture I took… Pecan Crusted Chicken with a maple glaze and a sweet potato, my main course at a local restaurant called Liberty’s. I also enjoyed calamari (SO good), fried pickles, bread, and a few adult beverages 🙂



All in all, it was a GREAT trip! Though I didn’t photograph everything, it’s ok. It was relaxing and freeing not to worry about having to document every. single. thing. on the blog.

I guess it’s back to reality!