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Panda Puffs.

Dec 3 004

And lots of them

dec 1 134

Bagel Thins. Cinnamon Raisin, to be exact.

Dec 3 002

Whipped Banana Oats… with Barney Butter and pumpkin butter, of course.

dec 1 120


And, since many of you asked me how to make the Christmas Cake Batter Pancakes, I must oblige 🙂

dec 1 130

But, it’s not really a recipe… more like an idea based on Jess’s Cake Batter Pancakes. I combine 1/3 cup of Kodiak Cake Pancake/Waffle mix, 2 tbsp. of yellow cake mix, enough water to make the batter a good pancake consistency, and Christmas sprinkles. Cook as you would regular pancakes and voila!

dec 1 132