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I’m baaaaack!!! And for GOOD good this time! I debated starting a new blog as I’m not quite proud of what the old blog has produced over the last year… but, I didn’t want to lose the.. well, history, of the blog. And hey, everyone goes through that middle “awkward” stage, right? Here’s to a new start! I’m not committing myself to blogging twice a day or three times a day or every day.. no commitments. But I DO miss blogging, a LOT, and it’s something I want to be part of my life.. therefore, I’m bringing it back. Over the next few days (and honestly, weeks most likely), I shall be updating links and information, updating the looking, and bringing you guys up to date with the goings on in my life. While the blog IS mostly food related, there will definitely be life posts, fashion posts, random posts, etc.

Since last we talked, things have changed quite drastically in my life. And one of the biggest things? That I’m SUPER pumped about? That is life-changing?! Little old me was accepted to Winthrop University (where our blog land’s beloved KERF attended) where I will pursue (FINALLY) my love of nutrition and health! And you guys get to come along for the ride! I plan on chronicling my new life in the Charlotte, NC area, as well as what I learn in the Nutrition program at Winthrop. While I won’t be moving or starting school until August, I am PUMPED!

There will definitely be more information to come but as not to overwhelm you with a wordy post, I’ll leave you with some delicious meals I’ve enjoyed over the past few days or so.


Overnight OIAJ in the best, aka Barney Butter

Feb 29 019


Feb 29 021

Cake batter pancakes.. you really can’t go wrong with anything that tastes like cake batter!

Feb 29 024

Panda Puffs are always in my life.

Feb 29 028

Protein smoothies have made a serious comeback. This one had frozen strawberries and bananas, greek yogurt, Jay Robb’s vanilla protein powder, and milk.

Feb 29 034

And salmon has been quite prevalent…. this one was glazed with a teriyaki type glaze, served over rice, with roasted okra on the side.

Feb 29 035

Maple glazed salmon over cous cous with broccolini.

Feb 29 049

Annnd oats have made a comeback. Specifically, rice cooker oats.

Feb 29 063

I combined oats, water, and chia seeds overnight and then mixed in a little extra water, cinnamon, chopped apples, and a pinch of salt in my rice cooker this morning. I then topped them with Barney Butter..

Feb 29 064

The little browned bits that got a bit toasty on the bottom of the rice cooker? My favorite part. 🙂

Feb 29 065