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Panda Puffs!

March 12 053

Or as I like to call them, Peanut buttery puffs of goodness!

March 12 052

The last of the sweet potato pancakes…

March 12 054

My only complaint of these pancakes? Only 2 servings in a box. TWO. And you don’t even WANT to know the price..

ANYWAYS, can we talk about this delicious post-gym snack I had the other day?

March 12 055

Carrot Cake Nature’s Path Love Crunch Granola (with a side of orange juice)

March 12 056 

This stuff is LEGIT. It tastes like straight up Carrot Cake and the nutrition stats aren’t too shabby…

Breakfast this morning was a batch of Whipped Banana Oats.. topped with only the best, Barney Butter.

March 13 001

There is a reason I used to eat this every single morning..

March 13 003


And now I’d like to share with you some of my recent favorite posts from around the blog world..

Baby KERF13 Weeks: Fatherhood – Part 1

Unless you have been living under a rock and don’t know about Kath and her bun in the oven, I’m sure you guys are as excited as I am for Kath and Matt! And I have been OBSESSED with reading her baby blog.. obsessed. I love the fact that it is SO real and… I don’t know, her writing style on this blog is different from KERF but is still so Kath. In any case, I love this post from Matt’s point of view.


Eat, Live, Run – When in Mexico…

I’m in love with this post simply because it makes me want to go to Mexico.. like, now.


Yes, I Want Cake – Spring Greens

If you want to see the cutest baby on the planet (oh, and a delicious salad recipe), you should probably check this post out. Just sayin..


Your turn! Tell me about a blog post/blog/blogger that has stood out to you lately!