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1. I’ve been addicted to two things lately….


March 20 001

And waffles

March 20 003

Lots of waffles

March 20 004

And I kind of LOVE Gluten Free Waffles. Just sayin…

They kind of sorta make a fabulous St. Patty’s breakfast. With coffee, of course.

March 20 005

2. I’ve been craving light meals lately… spring IS here!

March 20 008

March 20 009

3. Comfort food makes a hard day just a little bit better. Especially when it’s chicken and dumplings. Made by your mom.

March 20 010

4. I think my talent is salad eating.

March 20 012

My dad saw me making this Hugh Jass salad (lettuce, tomato, carrots, broccoli, raw corn, cucumber, turkey, ham, cheese, italian dressing) and says “there is NO way you’re going to eat all of that!” I laughed. And dominated said salad. Duh.

5. Spring break is in 2 weeks. 13 days from now I will be sitting on a beach. My birthday is exactly one month from today. Not that I’m counting or anything…