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Apparently it’s been longer than I thought since I shared my eats with you guys as I have QUITE a bit of photos on my camera.. so here we go!

My favorite Naked smoothie!

March 28 001

I drank a serving of this smoothie after a workout for two days.. perfect post-workout drink!

Puffins and cereal..

March 28 002

And a Puffin yogurt mess today!

March 28 020

And yet more cereal..

March 28 003

And then began the oats…

March 28 005

Starting with overnight oats made with plain Greek yogurt, old fashioned rolled oats, milk, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt soaked overnight.

March 28 007

Topped with Barney Butter and strawberry preserves.

Yesterday morning I awoke with an intense craving for whipped banana oats..

March 28 009

Topped with Barney Butter, Crofter’s, and blueberries

March 28 013

Thus, a bowl of deliciousness!

And dinner last night was gooood…

March 28 015

My mom made burgers (turkey burger for me) topped with sauted onions and mushrooms.

March 28 016

Green beans and 1/2 of baked potato on the side.

And dessert? Also amazingly delicious.

March 28 019

FRESH strawberries topped with Light Cool Whip.

It’s really early around this area for strawberries but my dad managed to locate some for us. He bought a gallon the other day and this is what’s left..

March 28 024

You might say we like strawberries. Just a tad 😉

And finally, lunch today was a green monster and string cheese

March 28 025

While this GM was super good for me, it wasn’t winning any taste awards…

March 28 026


What is something exciting that has happened to you recently?!

I found out today that I was accepted to the apartment complex I fell in LOVE with and applied for near Winthrop! While everything isn’t quite for sure yet, it’s almost there!

AND I leave for the beach in 4 days for Spring Break!